Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Breathe Deep

I bought an online Pilates video in an "attempt" to tone my post-baby body. It's needless to say that with all my unhealthy eating habits, lack of productive movement and continuously carrying my babies, every inch of my body is stiff and in need of fitness attention.

I hate the instructors in these videos; you would think that that are made of rubber bands instead of muscles and bones. They stretch, bend and do other things with complete comfort. Meanwhile, I am there dying to get my hand just half-way through the pose and trying to catch this "deep breath" they keep on talking about.

I am so unhealthy and unfit, it is shameful. I'm only 28 but as rigid as a 100-year-old. I wonder if working out from home will even give results. I will give it another 2 weeks and see how lucky I get.


Reem said...

well as some one who was in ur place before...
you should give it a full month before you can really judge it, i've been doing it for 3 years now since i got married that is, because the way i see it with the kids ( like you i have a tot & a baby) i can't really work out in a gym so its more of a better than not working out at all.
tip, try a work out you would LOVE if pilates is not your thing try zomba or kick boxing or mix lots of kinds ( thats what i do) to not get bored
good luck :)

Salma said...

Give it more time. Stay patient and motivated. It will pay off!