Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facing your Fears for your kids

There I was 29 years old, been through two pregnancies and deliveries, standing on top of the kiddie water slide, crying my eyes out (terrible fear of heights) wanting to teach my 2.5 year-old not to be afraid! My husband, step daughter and son were waiting for me down in the pool, trying to use all the logic in the world to make me jump. And while what looked to be four year olds and seven year olds were crossing ahead of me and throwing themselves head first, I stood there frozen with fear all the while trying to prove bravery to my son who comes to me for all his answers and bases his likes, dislikes and fears on my own. Day one: failed miserably. Day two: I went down one kiddie slide and bruised my finger and hand while attempting to slow myself down! Yet, proud to say I made it in one piece. Day three: with Yousef's tiny eyes on me, squinting from the sun and yelling; "go mama go", I took what was by far, the scariest leap I had taken in over 13 years, and went down a higher slide. With Yousef, my husband and Layla jumping and cheering and me trying to get a hold of my heart before it popped out of my chest, I knew the only reason I did it was to teach my then very scared child, that it is fun to try new things. While he laughed at me, he still refused to go up. Smart kid, naive mama!

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