Thursday, August 22, 2013

When Parenting is Confusing

On Facebook, I saw someone post a quote (don't know where they got it from), that says:"behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is messing it up!", Then I thought to myself, that is so very true. I doubt my parenting skills a hundred times a month and when I get unwanted advice, I go home and cry! Saying there is no one way of doing things is an understatement! With every kid being so unique, you would sometimes believe that there is a conspiracy aimed driving mamas crazy with confusion. What I also loved about that quote was the deepness of emotions that embody every mama at some point. "Am I messing up my son? Am I a terrible mama? How could I do that to him? She will hate me for the rest of her life! I knew I should have ended the discussion before things got bad! And so goes the list... What's even worse is that the timeline for finding out the results of your techniques is ridiculously long. In the same hour, your child can do something that will make you feel like the most competent mama on earth, and then comes an unexpected tantrum (of all ages) that sets you back a hundred steps. It is only when you watch them with their own kids that you might get some peace of mind, if there is any mind left!

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