Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dividing Between Children

When you become a mama, you master multi-tasking. However, a mama's multi-tasking is not like the multi-tasking you were used to pre-mamahood. Its a new kind, one that divides you as a person, and not just your time or attention. One of the many challenges of having multiple children is being able to divide your time, attention, love, dedication, patience, ideas, and financial responsibilities between your children, your marriage and yourself. You have to be able to put limits for them, yourself, and everyone else in the family on what each family member gets. The question is, when something good comes up for one member, do we let him/her take it on even though it might negatively affect others, or do we move on, hoping that other opportunities will appear? At one hand, you might think of it as teaching children to be considerate of one another, on the other hand, you might create a trail of resentment and envy. After all, how much good in life actually happens without bad?

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Reem said...

ooooooookkkkkkk,,,,im confused.....but if i understand what you're saying correctly ur wondering what should u as a mama do when something amazing is given to one of ur kids but not the others, like for example one is super in some talent or on is extremely cuter....
well my kids r too young for this yet but i guess what u can do is explain how everyone is amazing at something different...if one has a super clear talent in something try finding & naming whats amazing about the others.. i mean in our house i was always the painter, my brother was the that what u mean????