Saturday, September 13, 2014

Me Time

 One of our team members shares with us a recent experience of hers which we thought of  sharing with you.

“I’m scared of needles, yet have been feeling, for some time, that I needed to give by tired face a boost. I had heard about Mesotherapy treatment, so off I went to Solace Skin Care Center to try it out as it was time to give myself some "Me Time."

The Mesotherapy Refresh treatment was a painless way to get my skin rejuvenated. I saw and felt the effects 45 minutes later and after my first session; my skin felt firm, soft and looked radiant-no kidding!

Lying on a comfortable and clean spa bed, the female therapist massaged in a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and materials to hydrate and stimulate my skin. It was so relaxing that I actually dozed off!

When googling this treatment, I found that this French technology has been tried and tested for over half a century and that it also treats skin pigmentation-something I suffered from after my first pregnancy.

I also read that when used on the body, Mesotherapy is claimed to improve the appearance of stretch marks, works on fat reduction and hair re-growth-something to plan for after finishing my sessions.
I further research Meso Hair: This is a blend of vitamin B and copper peptide (which works against hair loss) that act in synergy to stimulate hair growth and improve hair quality. After having delivered so many children and leading a stressful life style, my hair is in dire need of this treatment!

 Refreshed and radiant and on my way out, I asked the therapist about different Mesotherapy treatments offered at Solace Skin Care Center. Here is the list she shared:
Face treatments: 
·      Meso Shine: This treatment uses a mixture of ingredients of Vitamin C, antioxidants and Vitamin B5  which brighten the skin and remove pigmentation for radiant skin. 
·      Meso Tight : A mixture of firming and antioxidant ingredients that targets the slackening of the skin and neck to restore skin firmness and plumpness and protect it from future damage.

There is also a complete line for body treatments:
·      Meso Slim: This is a fat dissolving formula designed to address body re-contouring by encouraging your body cells to release fat allowing it to be burned as fuel. It also improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage of targeted areas. Meso Slim provides you with an alternative to liposuction targeting your thighs, abdomen, arms, hips and double chin--interesting!
·      Meso Firm: This mixture of firming ingredients tightens the skin and retracts collagen fibers. It has a positive effect on firming the skin and improving the appearance of stretch marks-I guess a must-have for every mama!

Looking forward to my next visit to Solace Skin Center and Meso Hair!

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