Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter-proof your skincare routine!

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Winter is infamous for the toll it takes on your skin. The effects of the cold, dry air outside are only exacerbated when you step indoors into the heat. As we gear up for a potential snow day (or two!), here are some helpful ways to protect your skin against the winter freeze...  

Cover up: Not only stylish, gloves can also provide an effective barrier for locking moisture in. After lathering up with moisturiser, slipping a pair of cotton gloves on can help soften and more effectively rehydrate skin. If your hands are very dry, go for a cream rather than a lotion, as lotions are watered down. Beauty expert Zina Snobar also recommends utilising hats and scarves to protect against windburn.

Milk: Milk isn’t just good for your bones. The natural fats and lactic acid can help to soften, exfoliate and calm irritated skin. If you have a bathtub, add two cups of milk to warm water, along with a few drops of oil, recommends Snobar, and soak away. No bath? No problem. Look for a milk and honey-based cream, mask or scrub.

Shower smartly: Sometimes, nothing seems more tempting than a boiling hot shower to wash the cold away. The problem is that very hot temperatures actually further dehydrate your skin and hair. Stick to warm-but-not-hot temperatures and limiting your shower to 10 minutes maximum in order to incur less long-term damage.

And don't forget your sunscreen!

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