Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank You Aida!

I've been a bit under the weather lately. So when my friend's mother, Um Basem (Aida) called me to stop by to pick up some food she made for me, I was so happy that I won't have to stand on my feet cooking that morning. And oh what a feast she prepared! 

Many married women in Jordan have the luxury of being able to count on a mother or a mother-in-law (and in some cases, a father or father-in-law too) to help ease the burden of a busy life, whether by looking after children or cooking for them from time to time (some even daily!). For me it's a luxury because I don't have it while for many other women, it's a blessing they, sadly, take for granted. 

With my mother and sister living in the United States, and my in-laws in Germany, Aida is that someone I can rely on to look after me when no one else does. 

We do so much for our children, our spouses and others that it's so nice to be able, once in awhile, to put up our feet and have someone else to do the work -- and with heart. This is Aida's way of showing love and we all have our different ways of showing it. In return, I offer my love in ways that I know how, ways she can appreciate.

Not everyone in Jordan has the luxury I mentioned earlier...some people have lost their mother or both parents while others, like me, have family members abroad. 

I hope you are lucky to have at least one 'Aida' in your life. 
And if you do, I hope you appreciate her (or him) and show it in your actions.

Mansaf, bamyia, musakhan rolls, mini pizza and chocolate cake on the menu today, courtesy of dear Aida!

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Sonia Salfity said...

Oh Sis that was so well said❤️ I sure wish we lived in the same city!!! Thank God for all the angels God sends us to help us along the way!!