Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your Best Line Of Defence 
When You Have To Go On The Go

I recently came back from a 13 hour flight where I had to use the airplane lavatory three times with appalling conditions, given the average of 50 people who use it. It was during this very flight that I remembered that in the June 2015 edition of Family Flavours I came across a new hygienic and convenient solution to my public toilet woes! 

Bad things lurk, especially on public toilet seats. Without proper care, you're at risk of being bedridden for days and weeks from illnesses from the common cold and stomach flu viruses to E.coli, a fecal-borne bacteria. Plus, I was surprised to learn from Birth and Parenting Educator Rula Qatami Abujaber (Family Flavours, June 2015) that women can reduce the risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections when using public restrooms by using Conelle’s waterproof funnel which allows you to urinate while standing up. 

Conelle: Your first line of defence
Conelle is a waterproof disposable convenience cone that enables women of all ages to urinate in a standing position. It is a hygienic and convenient solution for using public restrooms. Conelle comes in an appropriately sized re-sealable pack to fit easily in your handbag. 

Where can you use Conelle?
With Conelle in your handbag at all times, you’ll be prepared for anything on the go. Whether you’re travelling this summer (airplane toilets are the germiest), exploring Jordan’s historic or natural wonders (don’t expect to find toilet paper and soap even if you’re lucky enough to find a functioning public toilet) or just using the restrooms at reputable malls and restaurants, protect yourself. Every time you are reluctant to use a public toilet, Conelle will be your solution of choice.

Where to buy
You can place an online order or drop by any of the following locations: 

Birth & Beyond
Rawhi Pharmacy 
Al Bawasel Pharmacy 
DNA Fitness Evolution


Reem said...

wow that's a great product indeed you just answered a major life question for me thanx :)

Unknown said...

Conelle has saved the day for me numerous times around the globe.

Unknown said...

Conelle has saved the day for me numerous times around the globe.

Anonymous said...

Conelle the must have funnel!!!