Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Take It To the Top!

By Rima Amer

At one time, rock climbing brought to mind images of daredevils hanging precariously over the edge of cliffs—no wonder, then, that it was considered to be an extreme sport. Nowadays, however, introducing your child to the fun of rock climbing is easier and safer than ever.

All about climbing
For beginners, indoor rock climbing is considered safer—it takes place in a controlled environment. Here, your child can safely learn how to climb under the supervision and guidance of qualified instructors.

Climbing walls are constructed to be mimic real outdoor structures, such as mountains and hills. In addition, the walls have special holds for hands and feet and places to attach climbing ropes. With difficulty levels to suit all ages and degrees of expertise, you are bound to find something perfect for your child.

Getting started
At the beginning, your child will be taught how to use the safety equipment correctly. After mastering that, she will be taken under the wing of an instructor, who will direct her in the next steps of climbing. The climbs, of course, start out easy, getting more difficult as your child becomes more experienced. When your child becomes confident enough, she may want to try outdoor climbing as well. Wadi Rum in Jordan is a great place to go—the climbing is excellent and the scenery is breathtaking!

Rock climbing offers your child many benefits:
  • It develops hand-eye coordination.
  • It develops mental and physical skills.
  • It develops flexibility and strength.
  • It can be practised all year round (in an indoor facility).
  • It is fun and exciting!

Things to remember
Rock climbing is more difficult than it may appear. It is a physically demanding sport that requires a lot of stamina—your child may tire easily at the beginning.

Where to go
Climbat Amman

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