Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

A while back, I was at a fund raising event at my step daughter's school. Standing by me at one of the toy booths were a mom and her son whom I am assuming is 9-years-old. While he reached out for one of the toys, his mother pulled him away and said:" we are not buying anything from here, it's cheap, if you want a toy I will take you to *******", naming one of the most expensive toy stores in Amman. I was shocked and thought to myself, "what a terrible thing to teach your child."

On the other hand, a few days ago, I was at a mini-market by my house and I over heard one of the most adorable conversations ever. A tiny voice that belonged to an adorable 5-year-old boy was negotiating his allowance with his father and saying:" if you give it to me now," referring to a half JD to buy a chocolate, "I'll pay you back tomorrow, because tomorrow is the day I collect my allowance from you." His father's reaction at first sounded evil but with time, became admirable:" you will just have to wait until tomorrow and learn not spend all your money before the end of the week." While he tried his best to negotiate, the father wouldn't budge and the boy seemed to really understand that his father was teaching him something.

I wonder which one of these two boys will grow to be successful and responsible!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Sleep Routine

I wonder if it is too early to create a specific bedtime for my 7-week-old baby. She is going to sleep every night around 1:30-2am and wakes up at 7:30am with a couple of feedings in between.

Some mamas have told me that she is still too young, others have told me that it is possible. I have tried the last few nights to put her in crib at 12am, dim the lights and try to get her to sleep in the hopes that if I repeat this routine often, she will eventually start to get sleepy around this time every night. I have no idea if it is working or if I am just torturing her and myself with her continuous crying.

With my 19-month-old baby also waking up at 7:30am, I need every second of sleep I can get.

Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Post Pregnancy Weight

Losing the post-pregnancy weight is one of the most annoying things I have to do. I am still about 8 kilos over what I used to be and it is driving me crazy! You know that feeling when your pants are uncomfortable, your shirts don't flatter you and anything you wear is just making you feel like you are so over weight? That's I where I am now and it's making me dread looking at my closet.

I have never been good at watching what I eat, I doubt I will be good at now. And with 3 kids, I just gobble anything in front of me when I have a few minutes of peace.

The solution is working out and it's unfortunate how expensive personal trainers are. Add that to the gym membership fees and it seems like I need to get a job just to get back into shape. God help us mamas and what we put our bodies through for the sake of having a baby!

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Torn Between The Two

I have divided my day into 2 shifts, the morning shift is for my son (one and a half) and step daughter (eight) while the night shift (after 11pm) is for my new born baby girl (6 weeks).

I used to take pride in myself for doing everything for my son, Yousef. I never had a nanny that I could trust and so, he spent all of his time with me. As a result, we are very close and I am raising him exactly as I see fit.

My daughter Mona however is barely getting my attention during the day. Every time I come close to her, Yousef comes running, climbs on her crib and tries to hold her any way he can. I try to sneak a feeding or diaper change here and there, but mostly she is with the nanny during the day. I feel so bad, for my sake and hers.

I used to criticise mamas who depend on nannies so much, I never thought I would be one of them, regardless of the reasons. Do you think a baby knows who her mother is even if she is looked after by a number of people or does she get attached to whomever looks after her the most?

I know this might sound stupid and dramatic, but I really don't want my baby to be attached to a care giver more than she is to me. But, what can I do if Yousef is still very young and dependent himself?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Sweet Holiday

I just got back from a 5-day trip to London, one of my favourite places in the world. After a lot of convincing from my family members, I finally got the courage to leave my two kids and travel for some one-on-one time with my husband.

I have to admit I didn't think I will have the courage to leave and enjoy my time. The first two days were hard, I cried every time I thought of my babies and felt like the worst mama in the world when I saw parents with their kids. I would tell myself, "I'm so mean to leave them behind, all these parents have their kids with them and they seem to be enjoying their time."

After the third day, I realised that this opportunity will not reappear for another few years at least so I might as well enjoy it, and like magic, I enjoyed every second.

My advice to all mamas is this: "no matter how hard it seems to take time off, it is a must! There really is nothing like it, and surprisingly, your kids will be fine, no matter how attached they are to you."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Crazy Mama

For the past year and a half, I have been complaining to my husband that I need a break from life as a mama. I wanted to travel ANYWHERE just me and him. But since Yousef was colicky and generally a difficult child, we could never leave him and travel. Now that he is a bit older, he has turned into quite a charmer and is pleasant to be around. And although I just had Mona a month ago, now more than ever seems like the best time to travel before she too grows up and demands her own attention.

I really want to travel, more than anything, but I cannot help but feel anxious about leaving my babies, even if it is just for 4 days. I think I will cry everyday I am away. Us mamas are so hormonal!! I nag about wanting a break and when I do get the chance, I worry about it.

I'm definitely going crazy, the mama kind of crazy! My husband thinks it's hilarious.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Chicken Pox

My son has what we believe are chicken pox. We are not so sure as he took the vaccine a while back and the spots that are appearing look like early stages of chicken pox without the itching. His doctor says that it is most probably it but will be definite by tomorrow depending on how it will develop.

That is not the problem, I mean if he gets it, it's better that it is now than later. My main problem is my one-month-old baby Mona. I'm so worried she will catch it at such a young age, it must be terrible for her. Yousef has touched her hands frequently for the past 2 weeks so there is a pretty good chance that she is already infected. I am trying to keep them as away from each other as possible.

However, my question is, if I carry Yousef and then her, can I transfer the infection? Her doctor said no, a friend of mine is sure I can.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Life With A Colicky New Born

Today, my baby girl Mona turned one-month-old. Life with this little bundle of chubby cheeks and loud voice has been very different from how it was a month ago. Although I already have two kids, Layla (8) and Yousef (18 months), Mona has transformed us into a holistic family of 5.

Every night between the hours of 8-11, she cries frantically while I just sit there and listen, unable to comfort her in any way. It is safe to say that she is a colicky baby unfortunately. I went through this with Yousef and it was extremely difficult. This time around, at least I know what to expect and don't panic as much. However, as anyone with a colicky child knows, it is enough to make you lose your sanity. I tune out her crying for about an hour and then I snap and mostly end up crying from frustration. She is really loud!

With Yousef, it lasted 4 months, I hope this time it ends sooner. Baby Mona, please grow up quickly!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Carry or Cry

My new baby girl is about one month old now and wants to be held ALL the time!

While I initially thought she was too young to understand the concept of wanting to be carried, the days have proven that she really does know what she wants and isn't afraid to demand it. She will cry at a super, high-pitched tone for as long as it takes! The moment she is held, she miraculously becomes quiet in less than a minute. When I put her down again, she starts crying, even if she is asleep. It's getting to a point that is making me cry too.

I don't know what to do. With two other kids in the house plus everything else that goes on during the day, having a baby in my arms all day is simply not possible. I read online that in the first few months, you should hold your baby as much as she needs but her paediatrician is telling me that it is a habit she will develop from now and that I should let her cry until she gets over it.

I'm beyond frustrated and need help and advice!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Adorable Preschoolers

Watching the kids at Yousef's nursery trying to adjust is heart breaking, but hilarious at the same time.

The ages range between one and a half years to four and each has his own unique personality and comfort points. Some have no idea what is going on and are just in their own world playing.Others cry their eyes out for "mamaaaaaaa".

Every time I go, I see something different. One day, it is a boy sitting in the principal's seat yelling for his grandmother to come. Another day a kid is yelling:"walk, walk, walk" and refusing to stand still. For some reason, walking around the preschool holding the teacher's hand is the only thing that is keeping him sane.

Of course, Yousef is crying for mama by the door or the window. The other day, he held on to an apple I gave him and refused to let go of it for 2 hours! He wasn't eating it but yelled at anyone who tried to take it from him, seems he thought it was his only connection to home!

It's strange to think that each of one these adorable, dependent and innocent characters will have a say in how our world will be. Some will grow to be politicians who will shape the world for everyone around them, others will save lives and others might make no difference at all. Whatever they will be doing, it is strange to think that they will have little to no recollection of what they now think of as the end of their worlds. It is really amazing how life moves on.