Monday, July 18, 2011

Appearance vs Personality

The Teens Speak Out section of Family Flavours in the July edition was all about freedom of expression and it got me thinking how teenagers show their personalities through their appearance. That made me wonder is it necessary to appear a certain way just to make the impression you want to make? For years, people have had the debate. What’s more important, appearance or personality? Well, there’s a quote:

“Appearance gets you in the door, but personality keeps you in the house.”

By that logic, it would seem that personality is by far the more important of the two. But in hindsight, is it really? If it is, then why do we, as humans, constantly strive to look better? Why do we put ourselves through pain and turmoil to make ourselves more attractive? The answer is that, in reality, appearance has always been more important than personality.

Seriously, look at history. From the days of the Ancient Egyptians (inventors of make-up), to the changing styles of clothing in the Victorian Era, right through to the founding of modern-day make-up and perufme companies in the early 1900s, people have always tried to artificially enhance themselves.

In the harsh world we live in, people who are attractive will always find an easier way to excel in their individual situations than those who are genuinely talented or who have great personalities. Those who have both soon rise to the top. A prime example would be the world of film and television, but this scenario exists right down the scale, to social standings in schools or clubs.

Is it wrong that the world works this way? That those who have true inner beauty are not recognised, or have to work twice as hard to be noticed? Is it wrong that those with looks get an easy ride to the top? That nearly everyone, no matter what they say, first judges a book by its cover? I think the answer is quite clearly yes, it is very wrong.

Sure, people get better as they grow up. Or so you’d think. That’s the case in relationships, and friendships, but think in terms of careers.Someone could be the most amazing singer in the world, but they could also have a facial disfigurement. As we all know, they would be instantly shot down, due to their lacking of “the look” it takes to become a superstar.

There is no “look”. There’s just this savage mentality that exists amongst people, instilled in them from a young age.

Nobody was created perfect. Everybody has their flaws, but in the same way, everybody has something to contribute to the world. It isn’t fair that this mentality exists. It isn’t fair that from secondary school onwards, we are taught by the world that looks equals popularity. It isn’t fair that so many people’s self confidence is shattered so early, just because God created them in a certain way.

That’s just my opinion, I can’t actually change anything. Society says I’m wrong. Unfortunately, this is the one we’ve created, and the one we’re now forced to live in.

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Samar said...

My dear young writer,

I want to start from the end of your post: No body is perfect to assure you we are all perfect otherwise we are saying God's creation is not perfect and has mistakes. The way we are is the perfect way, with our differences, pain, mistakes we do, etc.

I agree that the societies is our collective creation, we all shared in creating what we are living now including your feelings of frustrations, you also participated in creating it, after all, our responses to our surroundings is our responsibility. If all of us would look only to this part and criticize it then we simply empower the actual situation.

Anyone can think what he/she wants to think of him/herself and others, and here is our power and freedom to choose, so, you always have the choice and yes we can change a lot, examples around us are all over the planet of those people who brought change to their communities, alone, but equipped with faith and determination, far from hesitation.

The world is full of these people who were/are considered odd and they reached up high . In fact the world now reached the state of being bored of what we call the perfection and looking for the odds to be remarked and this brings me to the beginning of your post.

Our outside is the reflection of our inner self. No wrong of taking care of our clothing, hair, hygiene or the way we express ourselves and the words we are using. I believe this is healthy as the opposite doesn't reflect or doesn't mean we are the kind of personality people.

But, when things start taking further approach for example piercing the whole face, or doing all what it takes to be noticed whether negatively or positively ,,,this situation comes as a reflection of inner emptiness and lack of self esteem or self confidence and this is a different story that we might discuss in another occasion.