Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Are We Our Parents?

We have all said it when we were younger:" I'm never going to do to my children what my parents did to me! I will never be like my mother!"

Well, other day, when Yousef was driving me crazy, I could swear that it was my mother's ghost that took over me and made me say to him the exact same words she used to say to me. While it got him up on his feet and ready to get dressed, it left me in awe! I used the same tone of voice and I used the same look and I got the results she always got, obedience.

Why are we always so afraid of turning into our parents? Judging from my own experiences as a mother, parenting is the most difficult job of all. They too gave up dreams just for us, they too had nights and nights of sleep-deprivation just like us. It is true what they say: you never appreciate your parents until you become one yourself! That said, I think I will need about another 25-27 years until my kids learn this lesson. Lucky me...

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