Friday, September 11, 2015

What Does Family Mean To You?
I posed this question to experts in different fields, all regular contributors to Family Flavours magazine which celebrates its 9th year this month. Their reflections are testament to the powerful influence family has on who we are. 

Taken in 2005 when Sally's parents lived in Cairo

"Their smiles, hugs and habibtees break through any barriers"
Sally Hurst

Private Chef & Food Blogger

My family and I are very close because we grew up living in different countries around the world, moving every couple of years. We depended heavily on each other to be the one constant in our lives. Friends might change, apartments would be different, the languages would be unfamiliar, schools would be new, but my parents and sisters (and a few special pets) would always remain the same. My two sisters and I were so lucky to have such a unique upbringing – it's like we're part of a secret club!

Now, even though I'm in Jordan and my family is in the United States, we make an effort to stay in touch several times a week through Facetime and Skype and keep those bonds strong. I love being able to watch my nephews and niece grow older and technology thankfully allows us to stay close and lets me bear witness to their adorable quirks and new tricks. When we're together for holidays, there's nothing I enjoy more than preparing sumptuous feasts for us all to share. It’s my own very personal way of showing my love and affection for them.

My dear husband's Jordanian Circassian family has embraced me warmly and with enthusiasm! I'm included in their outings, learning more about their unique and special culture. I'm still adjusting to certain customs and trying desperately to learn Arabic so I can speak to each and every one of them, but their smiles and hugs and habibatees break through any barriers that might exist. I'm so lucky to have these lovely people to add as new members of my family while my one back home gets to enjoy my stories and know that I'm being well looked after.

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A beautiful post honoring both of your amazing families!