Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Peace and Calm

Every night, I curse myself for not reducing the duration of Yousef's nap during the day in hopes of getting him to sleep longer through the night. Everyday by 12:30 pm I find myself counting down the minutes until he takes his 2 hour nap.

Then, I go, sit on my laptop and rush any work I have for the day. Before I know it, one hour has passed and I start considering whether or not I should wake him up. But, the quiet time is so tempting!! Peace, quiet, and cup of tea without him climbing up and down on my legs trying to sit by me are too good to pass up. Life is calm.

So, I give in and say maybe if I play a lot with him after he wakes up, he will be tired and go to sleep before his daily bedtime of 9:30-10pm!

That never happens, he either sleeps too late or wakes up a lot during the night and everyone is telling me its because of his long nap.

Any ideas on how I can get him to sleep better through the night without compromising his nap?

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