Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

When you are engaged to your soon to be husband, you think that you will always give the same attention to your marriage as you did so early on in your life together. You tell yourself, "we will not be like other couples, we will pay more attention to our marriage, we will take care of ourselves, we will always feel this ecstatic." Then child number one, then two and in my case three comes in the course of three years, throwing you completely off balance.

If you are blessed with having kids right away, you start to worry about making more money right away. You and your husband work full force on securing the best lifestyle you can for your children. Add that to your desire to succeed in your career and having some time for yourself (for us mamas it is an uninterrupted shower, watching TV without a baby nagging or just reading a book) all the stuff we take for granted before we cross over to mama-land.

One day, you wake up and realise that your marriage has taken a back seat and if you don't do something soon, you and your husband will feel like strangers (despite how much you love each other). My question is, how do you balance life? What do you do with your children who are too young to be independent or to give you space? And what do you do with your career that keeps pulling you in its direction? What is the "right balance" people keep talking about? 

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