Friday, July 26, 2013

A Different World

It always fascinates me when I travel how different people, cultures, and worlds are on this planet. I am currently abroad for a vacation, and I realized that our lives cannot be more different. For one, EVERTHING and EVERYWHERE is accessible for individuals with specials needs. Children and teens are a lot more independent here than they are back home. You barely sees families with nannies; it's just the mom and dad with their kids, responsibilities divided. Children look a lot more active because they are all wearing their sneakers and walking with their parents to their destinations. The commercials on TV include more warnings about the product than the actual commercial itself. Customer service is the REAL DEAL. If something doesn't work, then it is their job to make you happy. On the other hand, food is a lot different, I gained so much weight because everywhere you go, there are vending machines, supermarkets with all kinds of junk, pre-packed sandwiches, super-sized desserts and drinks etc. Yousef (3) is refusing to speak English here for some reason, I think he is intimidated, so he just hides behind my leg. It is really amusing watching him stay quiet and try to show off in some other way! Vacations are so uplifting!!

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