Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting Too Comfortable

I can't believe how fast it can happen; one day you have plans to work hard, build a career etc. and the next you are attending play dates, planning birthdays and getting extremely busy in full-time mama land. I'm speaking for myself when I say that mama-hood can take over big time! I had always planned to go back to work, continue the career I so eagerly wanted and to always remember to keep a part of my life just for me. Today however, I realised that I got so sucked into my responsibilities that I may have become too comfortable in a lifestyle or routine I never thought I wanted. I had been planning for months now that I wanted to study a design course online. But, things kept on coming up. One day, it was my daughter's birthday. The next, we travelled on a family vacation, then my son went to summer camp, then another thing happened and another thing happened and I am still exactly where I began. I hear about other women who did both lives and I wonder how they managed! I envy them and I wonder if I can do it. Am I hiding behind the excuse of my kids because I think I am too tired to take on something new or is it just plain laziness?

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