Monday, December 9, 2013

Favour of the Day with Noora

Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential with the International Learning Community school

On our cover this month, The International Learning Community school in Amman gives us an in depth look into their Reggio Emelia approach which is based on the philosophy that learning is the outcome of collective efforts.

In other words, as dedicated parents I am sure we all realise that the education of our children does not rest solely on the child or school. It is a collective effort where everyone is involved: staff, parents, families and students each play their part. And knowing that a school actually implements such a practice in its daily curriculum is fresh and inspiring.

I have personally visited the school and I must say the amount of attention each child is given is admirable. As mothers and fathers, one of our main concerns is always the idea of how our child will be treated by the teacher, and these students were getting their share of care.

For more info on the International Learning Community- Amman and their "Reggio Emilia Approach to Education; Experience in Dialogue" conference, visit

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