Friday, December 20, 2013

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Being Truly Happy 

In a meditation course I attended, the instructor explained one of his secrets behind "being truly happy", and it was to: "never postpone your happiness until something specific happens, rather, to live for the moment!"

If you sit and analyse your life just now, you will realise that you have set some typical goals: perhaps buying a certain car, moving to a bigger home, placing your children in a better school and so on. You will also realise that you wake up everyday, work extremely hard, and go back to doing the same thing the next day, just to be able to reach that goal, the one over there, the one that surely comes with happiness.

However, you might end up chasing something bigger for the rest of your life, never being truly happy! Is it true that people who are truly happy are the ones who live in the moment, confidently make decisions that feel right at that certain time and who never worry so much about tomorrow?

I wouldn't know, I come from a family that thrives on calculated decisions, plans for the future like today never existed, and worries about things that never happen.

I also believe that living in the moment is a talent, however, can it also come with practice?

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Reem said...

ooooh i truly hope so... for the time being we can only pray that GOD grant us this much much needed talent