Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Parents Before They Were Parents
Growing up, we just couldn't fathom a time when our parents weren't mamas and babas. And unlike a job or dwelling that can change, once a parent, always a parent. But parenthood is one aspect of who we are, yet for some of us, our sense of self gets lost (or found) as time goes on. I love finding out tidbits about who my parents were before my siblings and I came along and now I wonder what I will one day share with my own boys (and what their baba will choose to divulge or withhold of his journey). Pictures reveal one part of the story. If and how they piece together the rest will be up to them.
My Mama and Baba before there were a mama and a baba

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Sonia Salfity said...

Precious! Their love is timeless selfless & stretches across cultural barriers.. God bless & protect them in the palm of His hand.. I'm ever so grateful God blessed me with such loving parents❤️