Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flavour of The Day With Noora

As I was parked in front of a mini market, I noticed a man running out of his car towards a taxi. Within a matter of seconds, this huge and very angry man was attacking the taxi driver while he was still in his car!

I could not believe what I was seeing! In fact, I started to look around to see if other people were noticing what was going on, and if so, was anyone going help?

After about ten seconds of constantly punching the taxi driver , the raging man opened the taxi door, kicked the driver and tried to drag him onto the street. At this point, the taxi driver was holding on to the steering wheel with all his might, knowing that if he did get out, the worst would happen.

Again, I looked around in shock, waiting for one of the cars to stop and intervene or for someone to "please help this man!" But, no one did.

Suddenly, I found myself opening my car door and stepping out. In less than a second, however, it hit me, my baby was in the car with me, and this man could easily come after me as well and my baby would get hurt. So, I turned around and stayed put in my car.

At no point did it strike me to call the police, my mind just went blank. After about 3 minutes, which is a long time when you are being beaten up, the taxi driver managed to close his door and drive away full speed. That was that.

I was speechless! What had happened to me? A few months ago, I would have run to help. Now, I just stayed in my car, locked the doors and painfully watched the taxi driver get beaten. Even though I knew I was only protecting my son, I couldn't help but feel really bad about my inaction!

For the rest of the day, I could think of only one question: has becoming a mama made me a coward, or shall I say less courageous? Should I have personally helped or did I do the right thing by staying in my car?

Does being a good mama sometimes contradict with being a good person? Because, a good person would have helped!

What would you have done?


Anonymous said...

Hi , For me being a mom is a huge responsibility and for the taxi driver am sure he will be able to defend him self , but your babe depends on to protect him/ her , not forgotten that you are a woman and your Physical construction won't help you from interference.
For me I would try to call people to help or call the Police but I would never ever leave my helpless child .

Anonymous said...

Nora, don't feel so bad.. I noticed you were torn between 2 choices, either help the man or stay with your baby. I feel you did the right thing. What if that "crazy" person got more wild and became aggresive towards u. From my point view, don't carry more responsiblities others than what u could handle. Dont't blame ur self, the goverment system should intervene by having 911 call system for emergency on roads and houses. They have to be more aware about the rights of its citizens and provide protection for them. I appreciate your sense of careness and kindess towards others, which is becoming rare in these days.

Noora said...

Dear All,

Thank you for your comments!

When you mentioned the word "helpless child", you definitely tapped into a mother's protective instincts. I think this is how all mothers feel about their children and what guides them in all their actions. After all, it is the reason why I did what I did.

As for calling the police, it will surely be on the top of my mind the next time anything happens!

It was great hearing from you, I hope you visit my blog daily for many more interesting discussions.