Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flavour of The Day With Noora

What A Kid!

Today, we had my step daughter's friend over after school. This is the second time she comes over and I am so impressed by her manners. 

She must have said thank you a 100 times, asked for permission to take her shoes off in the house, waited for me to sit at the table before sitting down herself, asked me politely and quietly for an ice-pack after banging her nose, insisted that they (her and Layla) clean up after themselves, and got ready in less that a minute when she knew her father was at the door.

When her dad picked her up, I couldn't help but praise her over and over again and then I thought to myself, "it must be really great to have people compliment your child that way!"

How do you raise kids to turn out like that?! Is it discipline or is it part of their personality? I have been spending so much time around children lately and I am realising that manners are the last thing on their minds!


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