Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Celebrity Nonsense

I was watching an interview with a celebrity who just had her baby 3 months ago. She was telling the reporter that she "has never felt as pretty as she has since becoming a mom." Automatically, my response was:"ya right, you probably had a personal trainer before, during and after. A live-in make up artist and hair stylist who made sure you looked naturally gorgeous, and the best day and night nannies who made sure you got all the sleep in the world!" I might sound bitter, but comments like hers make most of us mamas feel like a total mess. The weight gain, stretch marks, pregnancy acne, swollen hands and feet, and enlarged noses, to name a few are what us normal, non-celebrity, mamas have to deal with.

Although I have managed to keep my weight gain under control during my last phases of pregnancy, I still can't wait to go back to my old self. There are 3 kilos (out of 22) that I didn't manage to shed off after I had Yousef and I think after this baby, I will need to lose a total of 12 kilos.

I already bought top of the line running shoes, training suits (all in small size to force myself to fit into them) and downloaded an application on my phone that teaches you all sorts of exercises. I even told my husband that the only post baby gifts I want from him are personal training sessions and a year long gym membership.

Until then, I cannot help but binge on all sorts of junk like fast food, chips, cookies, chocolate (which I never liked before), and stuff with butter!

God help us mamas for what we have to put our bodies through for the sake of having children.

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