Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mama's Magical Powers

It's a heart-warming feeling when you realize you are your child's number one trusted choice for what's right and wrong, what's safe and what's not, and my favourite, when he will feel better. I have seen this over and over and over, a child running to his mama with some kind of injury, tears streaming down his eyes, and the moment his mama touches him with her magical touch, everything becomes better. I have to admit, I was always a tom-boy and never had that bond with my own mama; but the first time I realized how much Yousef trusted my words:" you'll be ok", my heart shattered a million pieces. Take this self-discovered tip: tell your child that your arms have magical powers, and that your embrace will make everything better. When I heard my son whisper to himself :" mama's hug has magical powers", in a moment that was stressing him, I knew I had taught my son a soothing mechanism that we both enjoy for maybe another year or two if I'm lucky!

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