Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Power of Acceptance

I recently took a Yoga and Meditation course that was life-changing. In addition to the Yoga and breathing techniques designed to reduce stress (which really work by the way), the course taught life lessons. The most important thing I took away from this course and previously from Life Coaching is learning the power of acceptance. Learning to accept others and things for what they are and not what I want them to be. Now, bare in mind that acceptance doesn't mean letting others hurt you and say, oh well, this is the situation! Rather it is: "this person hurt me (or whatever is an issue at the moment), I am admitting to the situation but now it is time to change it". Same goes for people. If you marry a person, or have a child or friend with the aim of changing their personality , it will never work, you need to accept things as they are and put a plan on what to do next. Perfecting acceptance is an art, and it needs A LOT of practice, self-discpline, and the view of a bigger picture and goal. However, once I incorporated it into my relationships with my husband, step-daughter and son, life became a lot easier and the tension has been reduced. When you accept, you take power and control over the situation and you prepare yourself and others for moving on. The power of acceptance is tried and tested, it is 100% productive (for me at least).

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Reem said...

"applause", i couldn't agree more. I did something like that my self ( no shock there) but in my case it was the combo of yoga & reading the book that changed my life " mars & Venus" it showed me how different men think which lead me to appreciate how different people generally think, i always tell everyone that i awo my relationship with my husband to that book.