Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Looking Forward to Warmer Days...

Hey there Family Flavours family! Despite what it feels like right now, it'll be spring before we know it! Are you familiar with all of the wonderful outdoors/adventure organizations in Jordan? This a rapidly-growing niche of Jordan's tourist economy and is focused on promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly local development practices and cross-cultural connections. Plus, we all need to get outdoors more and enjoy this beautiful country! As a preview to an upcoming Family Flavours article, which features a lucky group of students from the International Community School who took a wonderful day-trip to the villages of Orjan and Rasoun, I want to give a special shout out the two organizations represented by our fabulous guides. A big thank you to Ayman, Jawad, and Ahlam from Experience Jordan, and a big thank you to Theo from the Abraham Path Initative! You will meet them all in an upcoming issue of Family Flavours.

 (Note: this image is actually of Wadi Hasa, which is not in Ajloun. It is, however, in Jordan! And you can hike through it!)

Experience Jordan:

Experience Jordan was set up by a team of British, Jordanian and Palestinian outdoor enthusiasts.  They have spent days exploring the sites of Jordan, both the amazing sites that are well known, as well as the little known sites that we've found and love to share. As a team, they have been exploring the sites themselves for years, taking their children, friends and family members to the quieter spots of Jordan.

Operating both weekly hikes, predetermined tour routes, and customised tours, they want to share these gems with you, let you meet the locals, taste home cooked meals, and hear stories of a nation that remains a beacon of peace and hope in a troubled region.  Experience Jordan operates with over 50 years of experience offering trips in Jordan and the Middle East, and they are happy to assist you with our knowledge of the region to create the perfect trip for you.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.experiencejordan.com/

The Abraham Path Initiative:

The Abraham Path Initiative (API) is an international organization working to cultivate the development of the Abraham Path, a long distance walking trail across the Middle East that retraces the journey of the prophet Abraham (Ibrahim). The current route covers over 1,000km and spans 15 different regions. The initiative is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization working with local and international partner organizations.

The mission of the Abraham Path Initiative is to support local partners in developing the Abraham Path as:
  • A catalyst for socioeconomic development and sustainable tourism.
  • A place of meeting and connection between people from the Middle East and people around the world.
  • A creative space for stories that highlight the unique culture, heritage and hospitality of the region.
The purpose of the Abraham Path is to inspire understanding, prosperity, and hope for humanity by inviting us to participate in a grand adventure: to walk together in the cradle of civilization, to meet people from very different cultures and traditions, to learn something new about ourselves, others, and the world, and to serve the larger community.

To learn more, please visit: http://abrahampath.org/

(And please note, there are several other great outdoors organizations currently operating in Jordan!)

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