Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Problem Behavior - Parents and Experts Respond

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Earlier this fall, Family Flavours conducted a survey in which parents like you identified "managing problem and challenging behavior" one of their chief concerns.

In response, we put together a roundtable discussion between childhood development and parenting expert Sirsa Qursha and four different local parents to explore the subject in depth. Participants Dr. Lana Hatmleh, family physician and mother of two, Mario Junior Appiani, brand manager and father of three, Shoroq Mobideen, primary school teacher and mother of three, and Ayat Qunibi, homemaker and mother of three all weighed in with their experiences and thoughts.

The group candidly discussed what they did and didn't consider problem behavior, "behaviour that could cause stress to a child’s parents and to children around him and disrupt the environment," as well as the different types of problem behaviors that emerge at different stages of development and that vary between genders.

They also discussed ways to manage problem behaviors, specifically different types of discipline, the merits of positive discipline techniques, and the contentious topic of spanking. Finally, all of the parents identified moments and issues that require additional help and support from specialists and experts. To check out the full article, pick up the a copy of our December, or visit the website for an online version of the article here:

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