Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Girls Day Out!

Spring is full of birthdays - both my boys were born this time of year and most of my nieces and nephews. So naturally, it's gift season for us. 

I used to stress over what to get each child as no one wants a gift to go to waste. It's obvious on any child's face if they don't like the toy...then it goes in the re-gifting pile or the donations bag. 

I have fortunately discovered something that's far better than any toy or gadget: it's the gift of time. 

Growing up, we didn't think about time. It always seemed plentiful. I have fond memories of times preciously spent with my aunt Randa and her boys and our parents never had to schedule "play dates" like we do today. 

With the hectic lives we lead, with children's organized activities and our juggling act as adults, I know there's no time if I don't make time! 

So today's girls day out was very special because it was time carved out for memories that will serve a lifetime. I know because I have my dear aunt to thank for mine. 
Ayla, the birthday girl!  

Berla, at Solace Skin Care Center, advises the girls on the colours in fashion at the moment - Nadine and Maria go for this white dotted elegant blue while Ayla stands out with multi-coloured circles!

Ayla getting her nails dried while Maria reads her The Sandwich Swap by Queen Rania

Ayla and I enjoying a sweet moment

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