Friday, January 10, 2014

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Finding Yourself As A Mama

I read a post of a mama who was writing about her experience with the stress of work, commitments and managing her two children. It was her experience that the more she over-loaded herself with the responsibilities of her job, house, social activities, and conforming to social pressure of what a "mama should do for her house and children", the more stressed she got, and the more irritated she would get from her daughters, causing her to sometimes snap and yell at them, even if it is not their fault.

The more I read on, the more I felt that woman was me, I was exactly like that. I am stressed, on the verge of tears every time my kids drive me crazy and get extremely annoyed and irritated at them when all they wanted to be is next to me.  

With time, my responsibilities are only increasing, I am finding myself in my job which is making me want to work more and more, and when I can't, I get frustrated.

That mama talks about finding a sense of balance, which she found through giving up on some of her self-brought commitments. She talks about reducing time on her laptop, phone and other electronics.

More importantly, she talks about living in the moment with her daughter, when she is with them, then she is really with them.

I tried it, it sounds a lot easier than it really is. I am however, evaluating my life, and soon I will come to a revelation of what needs to change.

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Reem said...

my heart goes to you fellow mama...
I read in super nanny's toddler years book an advice for working mamas. to try to have a 20 min undivided time with each of her kids per week, its the quality of the time spent not the quantity & since perfection is impossible, let's do the best we can to leave a smile on our babies faces as much as we can :)