Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Stop That Bullying !

One of the hardest thing your child can endure is being bullied at school. I feel like with boys, the bullying is physical, with girls however, its psychological and mean.

My relative is being bullied at her new school, she is nine and very shy, and the move from day one was very difficult. After hearing her cry about it last night, I could not sleep! All I dreamt of was her sitting there alone in the class room, being looked at by the other girls.

What causes a child to bully another child? Are some kids bullies by nature, or is it something they pick up?

Whatever the cause, how do you teach a child who feels that "the other kids are too strong" to fight back, and what do you tell her to do when she says: "I answer them but they are still more than me!"

The school has a strong anti-bullying policy, that I know. And it is our job as parents to inform them. Maybe they haven't noticed, maybe they do not know what is going on! However, what shall we do if their action causes further bullying?

Should we confront the parents of the bully and ask for their help?

I am so angry and frustrated that she is going through this! And while I am trying to arm her with strength and logic about how to deal with a bully, I am afraid this will never end!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Noora
I attended a session once about bullying and a good advice I got was to arm the bullied with self confidence. This can happen by teaching the bullied with skills or hobbies that other kids do not indulge in, like paying a bill at a restaurant, changing a tire ( I think this is more boys) , how to draw comics, handling the paying at a supermarket, cooking. And so on
Another good advice is not to tell the bullied what do, don't tell them to standup and fight, or ignor, or complain! Ask them what they think should happen, ask them what they feel comfortable doing
Also the advice included arming the bullied with friends, invite kids over, make more play dates and more activities with potential friends like movies or girls spa and other stuff
Hope this helps
Good luck