Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Candy Detox 

I live across from a supermarket which my kids love visiting. While it is extremely convenient, my kids have become addicted to sugary, food colouring-filled candies and junk. It started out occasionally but has lately become a daily ritual!

That's why today, I decided to put an end to it and bought them Organic biscuits, something that won't harm them with tons of food colouring, sugar, and god knows what else the junk at the supermarket contains.

They took one taste of it and tossed it aside; they wouldn't have another bite! Their taste buds have become so used to extreme unhealthy flavours that they could not accept something healthy. When I myself tasted it, I felt just the same.

What have we done to our bodies and how can we detox? When it comes to kids, how can we limit their demands for such treats? I know there are tons of recipes online for healthy treats and snacks, but how do we help them make the switch? 


Unknown said...

Its like youre living here with me and having the same ordeal :( i live near a super market that sells junk and guess what? Its also made in China!! Imagine ??!! Its also a ritual for my kids to go there every single day. I came up with an idea the other day which fortunatelly could trick them and to my amazement they liked it.
I bought different kinds of nuts and dried fruits and mixed them together like dried cherries, raisins, pistachio and any other nuts u desire. Gave them to the kids and told them its healthy candy. I know it still contains sugar but its better than what they had.

Reem said...

well, i'll tell u what i do maybe hopefully it would help
1. i eat healthy food when they are awake so they get used to this being the normal rather than candy.
2. i offer them fresh fruit & vegies like carrots cut into bite sizes like chips with fruit yogurt or hummus ( with the carrots) as a snack.
3.when we do go to the super market i try to go for healther options like salt flavored chips or popcorn rather than artificially flavored chips, one candy bar or lolypop ( the smaller the better) if they pick more candy i only buy one & leave the others before we reach the cacher or buy them all but only give them one every two or three days
4. i always give them a snacks bag my favorite is wholewheat cereals & dried fruits when we are shopping. when they are full they usually don't fight much for candy.
i know my kids are young ( 3 & 1-5) and its probably harder with older kids but i hope this helps somehow.

Noora said...

Hi Sumaya,

Great to hear from you! I love the idea of dried fruit, and I am glad it worked for you because I tried it and failed :(

I heard their are organic lollipops which might serve as a "healthier" option. I will try them and keep you posted!

Noora said...

Reem this is so strange, my kids are EXACTLY the same age :) I used to do that while shopping as well, but somewhere, somehow I lost control!

Reem said...

noora, i know our kids are the same age....when i discovered your blog i was pregnant with my daughter & so were you...we also have a boy & agirl in the same order :D freeky right