Monday, July 6, 2015

Lemony Quinoa Salad with Avocado & Tomatoes 

A healthy irresistible salad for any occasion!

Recipe by Sonia Salfity - thank you sis!

8 cups water 
5 avocados, diced 
4 cups quinoa 
10 medium tomatoes, diced 
6 green onions, diced 
6 lemons, juiced 
Salt to taste 
¼ cup olive oil 
2 magi cubes 

1. Boil the quinoa in water and magi cubes for five minutes 
2. Simmer on low heat until all the water is absorbed 
3. Cool quinoa 
4. Add avocado, tomato and green onion to cooled quinoa 
5. Add salt to taste 
6. Add olive oil and lemon juice and mix thoroughly 
7. Adjust salt as needed and enjoy! 

Sonia's Avocado Tips 

Choose avocados that are soft to the touch but not too ripe. If they are too hard and need ripening, place them in a paper bag with a slice of apple and set aside overnight with the bag closed 

The best way to cut the avocado is to slice it down the middle and wiggle it so the two halves are separated, then remove the large pit and gently peal the skin off. Cut lengthwise, then dice 

Don’t cut the avocado until you’re ready to use it! Otherwise, squeeze some lemon juice on it to prevent it from discolouring



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