Thursday, July 16, 2015

There’s something special and grand about having a professional chef cook in your home for an intimate gathering. And how about two butlers at your service too? 

Thanks to Grand Hyatt Amman, entertaining at home has reached a new level in Jordan through its Hyatt at Your House service. Instead of spending most of your time in the kitchen while you host your party of eight to 15 people, you now have the opportunity to actually enjoy a good time with your guests! 

Grand Hyatt Amman is the first Hyatt in the world to launch this service. “We identified a gap in the market where people want to have the hotel restaurant experience, but don’t necessarily want to go to a hotel,” explains Alli Abdurahman, Director of Sales and Marketing at Grand Hyatt Amman.

What Do People Want? 
“Hyatt service, Hyatt food,” sums up Abdurahman. But how is it that Grand Hyatt Amman can deliver the service to match its reputation? With a wealth of international experience (Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and France, to name a few), the diverse team at the hotel has a deep understanding of its customers’ needs. “This is what our international experience brings to us,” confirms Abdurahman. 

In Jordan, particularly, the team is proving quite adept in flexibility. “Give a chef two weeks’ notice in other countries and he will tell you straight up that he can’t do it,”Abdurahman points out, giving credit to a team in Jordan that has the “ability to adapt quickly to changes and can do anything last minute.” Just this past April, Executive Chef Thomas Brosnan and his team were given just seven days to plan and execute a plated dinner for 1,300 people at the Dead Sea.

Sous Chef Anas Abu Douleh recalls a recent Hyatt at Your House experience at a diplomat’s residence. “The host changed his mind about the plates right when we were about to serve the food,” Abu Douleh explains. “This meant we had to change the style of how the meat was served – rib eye steak in two halves on top of each other,” Abu Hamida continues.

The Secret Ingredient
There’s one ingredient you can’t buy: passion. “When a Hyatt chef delivers his food, you know it’s cooked with love,” says Abdurahman. “Our industry is about making people happy.” When asking Fu’ad Faris, Manager of 32ยบ North, what motivates him day in and day out, his response is instant: “To see the smile on someone’s face and know that I put it there.” What does work ethic and passion have to do with your future dinner parties?

The freshest, finest ingredients in the world alone won’t deliver an unforgettable experience. But passion will. This is what you can expect from Hyatt at Your House and this is what is guaranteed.

Sous Chef Bilal Abu Hamida, Junior Sous Chef Anas Abu Douleh and Chef de Partie Haitham Musa enquiring about guest satisfaction and feedback on the rocket salad, mushroom risotto, roasted whole fish and Black Forest dessert

Pastry Chef Norbert Stanni’s signature dessert, this Black Forest cake is the grand finale to an elegant dinner 

1. Is Hyatt at Your House for me? 
Who wouldn’t want to leave it to the experts to take all the stress away? Whatever your circumstances, preferences and dining habits, Hyatt at Your House is a practical, easy and attractive option. If you’re looking for a sophisticated sit-down dinner, you’ve got it. But even the most casual setting, like a BBQ, can be made truly memorable by Hyatt chefs. Your only job? Enjoying a stress-free exclusive dining experience with your guests while being a gracious host or hostess! 

2. What can I expect? 
The first step is an initial consultation. 
Grand Hyatt Amman will: 

*Work with you as much (or as little) as you want to create a custom menu

* Take into account personal tastes and allergies; chefs are happy to accommodate individual needs and preferences 

* Coordinate the event service for you (casual, formal, family style) 

* Handle everything required for getting and preparing menu items. Grand Hyatt Amman only brings the freshest produce, the finest quality meats and the freshest fish available 

*Take an inventory of your kitchen and dining areas to advise you on what you need to pull off the dining experience you want (while the hotel’s tableware is at your disposal, you are free to use your own) 

*Arrive at your home several hours before the event to begin prep 

*Be flexible – the Hyatt team is fully aware that the unexpected can spring up last minute!

*Clean up afterwards, leaving your kitchen spotless

3. Can I afford this luxury? 
If you can take eight to 15 people out to a fine dining establishment, you can most certainly enjoy Hyatt at Your House with its added perks. The cost truly depends on your budget and the amount of experience and service your event requires. 

Preview Hyatt at Your House!

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