Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

More often than not, mamas tend to act like super-women; the husband, the house, the kids, and the social commitments.

I found that it is so easy to get carried away with this role: to convince myself that all will collapse if I am not there, that an emergency is sure to happen because I let someone else watch my son, and that life, as my family knows it, will surely stop once I leave the house.

As I was watching a family comedy show, the husband points out to his wife that although she complains a lot about not having any time for herself, staying that way is the only thing that makes her happy. The husband (who needed to be nice to get away with a golfing trip) offers to watch the kids and run the house, so that his wife can go to the movies. Of course, she declined, thinking that her husband wouldn’t know how to manage things.

It was so funny to watch because this is exactly what I do! When my sister offers to baby-sit on weekends, I worry and say no. If my friends offer to come over and watch my baby so I can go to the gym, I always reply with “you wouldn’t know how to handle him.” Without doing it on purpose, I always manage to have one excuse or another for why I cannot do something for myself. Then, I cry (literally cry, with tears and the whole deal) about not being able to do things for me.

If this happens with you, I am here to tell you that becoming aware of it is a huge step forward.

Try to notice if you are the same way and take this piece of advice: stop it before it is too late! It is truly an unattractive quality and eventually people will stop offering to help.

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