Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Informed Teenagers

Do you ever talk to your teens about the news? Especially nowadays when there are violent scenes of people attacking each other or victims left on the streets, I wonder if the news should be playing when they are around.

I remember when I was in middle school, something bad was happening in the world and my friend was shocked that I heard nothing about it. Thinking about it, I remember seeing my parents watch the news but I never actually sat and watched it with them.

I regret to say that I turned out to be a totally clueless person. In so many cases, people would be talking about something that had just been all over the news and I would have no idea what to say, it was embarrassing!

However, all that changed when I started working for the magazine, it was part of my job to stay informed and look for stories, and I finally understood the world around me.

With so much unfairness and tragedy going around, should you make your teens watch the news to become informed members of their societies or should you protect them from a sometime cruel reality?

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