Monday, November 28, 2011

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Men are from Mars, Women are from Earth

I was watching a movie with my husband about a miserable couple who were having a very heated argument. Both said some very cruel things. At the same moment, my husband and I had the same reaction: “what a jerk!”. Ironically, I was talking about the man while my husband was talking about the woman.

While I am very fortunate to be happily married, it never ceases to amaze me how different men and women are. For example, women like to talk things through while men think that with silence and avoidance comes a magical solution.

Women have the ability to multi-task the house, kids, family and a full-time job. Men on the other hand were built to handle one thing at a time.

Women have the tendency to panic and in many cases, take matters a bit more seriously than they should; men are blessed with a sense of coolness.

We want men to think and analyze to come up with the right solution (because that means they understand us). Men on the other hand only understand five words, “I want it this way.”

It’s nothing to be ashamed of really, it’s just the way things are. A very close friend of mine who has been married for over 20 years gave me some very good advice: “once you accept that there are things you will never be able to change, life surprisingly becomes easier.”

I am writing about this topic today because I had an hour long discussion with my friend who “will not accept” her husband like this. Of course, we are talking about the day-to-day, minor stuff.

What in your opinion is the right approach, accepting the differences or trying to change a person?


Anonymous said...

Differences exist, so we should accept this fact and never try to change a person you just make your life harder.. I beleive though that both sides should TRY to come closer with opinions..

Anonymous said...

Watch this video, it is really funny

Anonymous said...

This article is bullshit.