Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Not So Tough!

Turns out my heart is mushy after all! Today, I got a call from a preschool that Yousef can join their summer camp beginning end of June. I have been trying to find a trustful preschool that would take Yousef at such a young age for months now. And the need for finding something to keep him busy is greater than ever as I am about a month away from having my second baby.

Who ever would ask me about how things are going, my answer would always be about how crazy Yousef is driving me and how I wish I had some help with him: "I would do anything to have a few hours of alone time every day."

When I got the call, I felt joy for about 10 seconds and then very, very surprisingly, felt anxious about the thought of leaving him everyday and how I will miss him very much! And when I thought of what lunch box I should get him, tears started running down my face. I kept on hugging him, kissing him and cuddling him, as if he is going to leave me the next day.

I AM A CRAZY PERSON! My husband of course had a weird smirk on his face, very much enjoying my craziness and said, "not as easy as you thought? I told you that you need him as much as he needs you!"

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