Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Baby Mona

Finally at home with my 3-day-old baby girl who we named Mona, after her dear aunt.

So far, having a second baby is a lot easier and a more relaxed experience than the first. I remember with Yousef, I used to hover over him even when he was asleep, making sure that he was ok every second. Now, when she is asleep or quiet, I am making sure I get my rest too.

Watching Yousef's reactions to what Mona is doing is hilarious. He laughs at her when she needs a diaper change, as if he doesn't do the exact same thing! He also yells at her when she refuses the pacifier. He simply does not understand how something as valuable as his precious "ta" which is what he calls it, can be passed up. But, the jealousy is full force. When Mona is with Mama, that's who he wants and when Mona is with Baba, suddenly baba is all he needs.

As for me, I feel so relieved that everything went smoothly, that I took my precious epidural, and that I am finally going to be able to focus on raising a happy family pregnant-free!

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