Friday, June 15, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Party Of Five

It is day six of operation "party of five". Nael, Layla, Yousef, Mona and I have been sailing smooth.

When I first had Yousef 19 months ago, my main struggle was adjusting to the fact that there is someone totally dependent on me, stuck to me 24/7; even if he was sleeping most of the day. After living with a quite active and demanding toddler, having a new born baby who is sleeping most of the day is rather refreshing.

It's been really interesting to see the relationships between Mona and the other kids develop. Layla, who was quite anxious when I was pregnant, has turned into a calm, understanding and supportive older sister. Her protective instincts over Yousef and Mona have turned her into a moderator between the two.

Yousef on the other hand is considering himself quite educated, more civilised, and way more advanced than his new baby sister. He gives her lectures when she starts to cry and laughs hysterically when she needs a diaper change, as if he doesn't use diapers too! It's quite entertaining. I hope things don't change.

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