Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

My husband accused me of "crushing my son's spirit" by putting him in the naughty corner.

According to him, the naughty corner technique is a cruel and belittling technique that should NEVER be used on any child, no matter how bad he is behaving! This of course brought up a whole new discussion about his vs. my parenting styles, about our expectations of our children and about what our parents did with us while we were growing up.

According to him, because he never got punished (only reasoned with) while growing up, our kids should be treated the same way. "Discipline is important, but not in the form of naughty corners," he says.

I on the other hand, completely disagree. I believe that children's brains are not ALWAYS capable of understanding second changes, reasoning and prolonged discussions of what is right and wrong, discipline has to sting sometimes and that can mean the naughty corner, no TV, being grounded etc.

Between the both of us, he is the one making chocolate stuffed pancakes for breakfast, strawberry and sugar-filled smoothies as snacks, the "fun" parent who is always wrestling with them, scaring them and making them laugh. I am the one with the routine, fighting for bath time, healthy meals, bedtime, no TV time etc. I was the fun person with my nieces and nephews, never in a million years did I think I will be the serious one!


Reem said...

as always i send you my hugs & support & as always i'm going through the exact same thing my self...
all i can say is experts say kids benefit from the different styles between parents some how...
don't ask me how though LOL

Amal said...

I think it's always the Mom who is the bad guy and Dads are the good guys for the simple fact of the longer time which moms spend with their kids.
Dads wake up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and are out the door. It's the mom who has to wake up ridiculasely early to get the kids ready on time for a new day at school and she doesnt have the luxury of being fun and playful. She's the one who has to put the rules and boundaries and inforce them using different techniques including the naughty corner. We can't use the same methods that our parents used,it's a totally different generation and kids are much more difficult to raise.
So Noora be proud of being the bad guy! When the kids are praised for being so polite and well behaved you'll know it's because of your noughty corner :)