Friday, April 5, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Baby Number 2

When you have your second child, daily life needs a lot of organising and juggling. It no longer revolves around a single child's needs, two need you just as much. My son is two and a half years old while my daughter is ten months.

For the first year and a half of Yousef's life, my life seemed to be put on hold until he got older. While it was surely annoying, it was doable. Now with baby number 2, life cannot be put on hold; I have a a child who needs to be dropped off and picked up from preschool, his social commitments, medical appointments, my job commitments, etc.

The only time I have alone with Mona is the three hours he is at preschool during which I usually go to the gym, attend to my freelance job, get the grocery, cook, run errands, and anything else that is a lot easier to finish when he is not around.

The guilt is killing me, even though she is in good hands, they are not my hands. However, I also realise that this window of three hours of "child-free" time has made me a happier, less-stressed mama, but then, I feel guilty again for feeling happy about being "child-free". I love my kids dearly and I am enjoying watching them grow up however, how do you get rid of this nagging guilt that you should be doing more?

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