Saturday, April 18, 2015

Imagine your dinner guests arriving ready to share their talents and passions with you and fellow guests. Well that was my weekend highlight - welcoming Grand Hyatt Amman's Pastry Chef Norbert Stanni and his lovely family to our Springfest gathering of family and friends. What made our event extra special was Norbert's gift to us - his personal "sweet" touch.

While we wait with great anticipation for the "Chef's Special", Norbert takes great care in our kitchen to put the final touches on his Black Forest special, made with Kirsch, a German cherry brandy, and crowned with a leaf of gold. I admit that half of us couldn't wait - hence the "behind-the-scenes" photo we snap!

An artist's creation but our enjoyment isn't just in the viewing...

Here's my dessert after a few bites. Since our multicultural dinner was held in honour of our German family and friends, Chef Norbert's distinct style brings subtle meaning to the occasion. Can you see the colours of the German flag? Black chocolate, red cherries and a gold leaf. Now this is priceless! 

As I try to follow the conversation at my table, part of my brain switches off - good chocolate does that but this Black Forest puts me at an entirely new level of pure decadence and enjoyment!

So I had to start this post on a chocolaty note but our true starter this evening was Chef Norbert's own homemade bread. I scouted out dozens of bakeries in Amman in search of good bread but to no avail...until this fateful evening. Now I'm tempted to put this Master Baker's number on my "favourites" list - he invited us to text him whenever we're at or near the Hyatt. An offer too good to resist?

 You can get a sense of someone's passion from the simplest of things

I can't tell you how many disappointments I've endured (and I'm sure you can relate) from setting eyes on masterpieces of edible art only for my palate to discover the inside isn't what the outside promises. But not only is Chef Norbert's creations as deliciously tasting as they are pleasing to look at, after having him and his family as our guests, we discover the person is as rich in character as our evening's savoury beginning and sweet ending

These candles represent the multicultural diversity of our guests this evening. I took special care to ensure that the Indonesian flag is accurately displayed with the red on top. My blunder? I didn't think of the German flag! The entire evening, the flag of Germany was upside down! Do you know which candle above is the correct one?


Sonia Salfity said...

I'm drooling.,. Bread and chocolate cake in the same sentence is such a cruel trick to play on us desperate dieters!! But I'll forgive you as I somehow suspect that chef Norbret's delights are worth the extra walk to burn it off!

Drew Watts said...

That’s wonderful! Anyway, I just got back from a party at LA venues. There was a live show of popular music band and the food they served was also great. Their services were just stunning and I enjoyed being there.