Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

I come from a somewhat big family and so, I am used to being surrounded by babies and children.

As I watched my nieces and nephews grow up, it never crossed my mind to think of how soon they crawled, clapped, said their first word or accomplished any other achievement. I was just very happy to see them do something new.

When I had my son however, I was suddenly introduced to the world of milestones! There are countless sources, charts, and books that explain what a child should achieve at every age.

There are also less scientific measures that might constantly remind you of what your son should be mastering. I am of course, referring to the occasional annoying remarks from people who love to comment: “why hasn’t he crawled yet? You should leave him on his tummy more often before it’s too late! Don’t take this lightly or he will never crawl!”

As amusing as it might be to see how people love to interfere, it can be a little worrying to think that your baby is behind schedule. This is especially true for first time mamas who lack the experience.

Although all the scientific sources stress that each baby is unique and will meet milestones on his own pace, an excited mama cannot help but want her son to be an early achiever. Once a milestone is finally met, it becomes the most adorable achievement ever!

I remember taking a ridiculous number of pictures of my son sitting on his own. I couldn’t resist showing everyone what my son could do and how cute and grown up he looked!

Thinking back, I am sure it might have been a bit boring for my friends to see so many pictures of the same pose, just from different angles. But, when my son learns to master another milestone, I have a feeling that I will do the same thing again!

It is also funny to see how addictive it is to share notes with other mamas. Over the past nine months, I have engaged in conversations about nap times, sleep training methods and feeding schedules with every other mama I know. It's not that we do it on purpose, it just happens to be our favourite topic!

I wanted to write about milestones today because my baby just learned to move his hands when I singtwinkle-twinkle little star”. It is safe to say that I will be sending a mass video tonight!

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