Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

One of the most difficult decisions I had to make when I became a mama was the decision to leave work. The question was never if I should or shouldn’t quit my job, rather, the difficulty lied in leaving something I loved so much.

Before I started writing for Family Flavors, I specialized in Marketing. My job was very exciting but very demanding. It was obvious that the ridiculous deadlines, long hours, and crazy work demands would not in any way, fit with being a new mama.

When my son got a little bit older and I felt more comfortable with motherhood, I decided to go back to work. After all, every mama truly needs and appreciates some time off from mama land! So, I pursued another one of my passions, something I could do from home, and became a writer.

I thought that working from home would be a piece of cake. As it turns out, being a mama by day and a writer by night is not that easy, it is actually pretty hard! If I am working, then I feel guilty about leaving my son; and if I am with my son, then I am constantly worried about missing a deadline.

Juggling work, children, marriage and a household is the reality of every working mama. Although it may never become less demanding, it will always be a self-preservation technique for many.

However, the question will always remain: is a stay-at-home mama better than a working mama?

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