Monday, October 17, 2011

Flavour of The Day With Noora

Baby # 2

How soon after the first baby should a woman start thinking about having her second?

I am asking this question because my son is about to turn 1 year-old and I still feel so overwhelmed sometimes that the thought of having another baby terrifies me.

Do you think it is better to have babies that are close in age or wait a few years before having the second baby?

One of my closest friends has a son and daughter who are about a year and a half apart. She says that having them so close in age is the best thing she has ever done. “You feed them together, bathe them together, put them to sleep together and they keep each other busy,” that’s what she is always telling me.

On the other hand, I know a couple who had their son and daughter 4 years apart and they too think it is the best thing they have ever done.

I know it is a matter of preference, but is there any mama who share her personal experience with me?

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