Monday, October 31, 2011

Flavour of The Day With Noora

Question After Question

I was at the Dr.’s office today going for a routine check up. In the waiting room, there was a woman in her late forties, who stared and stared and stared at me.

Every time I would lift my head, there she was, bluntly staring at me. Then finally, she decided to break the silence. “Is this your son? He is cute, how old is he?”

Every time I answered a question, a new question would come up and it started becoming very personal.

“You look too young to have a son, how old are you? What’s your family name? What’s your husband’s family name? Why are you at the Dr.’s office? What are you suffering from?” and so on.

I didn’t know what to do, should I answer her questions that only seemed to raise new questions or should I be rude until she got the point? People like her annoy me, why do you need to know who I am and who I am married to? You are probably never going to see me again anyways, so why get so personal?

The staring thing is not just in older women, everyone stares here. If you are having a conversation with a friend in a public place, you can actually feel and see people listen to what you are saying and in some cases, decide to join in on the conversation.

It’s funny but also annoying. Anyways, I ended up being called in to the Dr.’s office and that was that.

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