Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

What a day! It started with Yousef getting sick at 7am. I clean up and we (Yousef and I) proceed with our daily morning activities. I make my sandwich and he watches me eat it while munching on a piece of bread stuffed with Labneh. I look up, it is still 8:30.

We sit in the TV room, take out all the toys and turn on the TV. Fussy and grumpy, I realise that Yousef's nagging is attributed to a new tooth, number 5.

I look up, it is 10:30 and I am counting the minutes until the clock strikes 11:30 and it is nap time. Wasting time around the house cleaning with Yousef grabbing me every few minutes, it is finally time for bed. Suddenly he gets a surge of energy and the past 2 hours of whining turn into laughter and playfulness, he doesn't want to sleep. After about 20 minutes of crawling around, he is finally out.

I rush to my laptop, check my work email and begin making phone calls. Two hours pass by so fast and there he is crying again and calling for his mama. Drink milk, prepare the baby bag, get dressed, buckle up and head to school to pick up his sister, my lovely step daughter Layla.

At home, he nags over every bite of food Layla tries to eat, refuses to play with his toys and cries like crazy each time I leave the room. "It's ok, he is teething, he must be in pain," I calm myself down. Finally its 6pm and my husband comes home and takes over while I run some urgent errands. I come back, prepare Layla's dinner, prepare her lunch box, pack clean clothes for her play date after school, give her a shower, tuck her into bed, read 3 different stories and finally, she is sound asleep. Wow, can my day be over? I just have to check on Yousef. Bang! I drop the bottle and wake him up, I hate myself right now.

20 minutes later, he is back asleep, I look up, it's 10pm! I'm so tired and I want to rush to bed before he wakes me up at 2am, 4am and 7am. But wait, I have to be up with Layla at 6am.

When do mamas ever get a break?


Wafa said...

I certainly hope so! But I doubt it! My kids are all past the teething-baby phase but they seem to get more needy as they get older. I can't tell you when was the last time I had a good nights sleep! People I know who have teenage and even adult children always tell me "I wish my kids were younger, it was so much easier then". I kinda get what they mean. So I think to myself, time passes so quickly, don't fret so much and just cherish these moments and enjoy it. No one said being a mom was easy, but its definitely worth it:)

Noora said...

People keep on telling me that kids are much easier when they are younger, I don't know if I believe that yet or maybe I will with time.

I do tend to stress a lot, want everyone and everything to be perfect and on schedule, I cannot seem to break this habit.

I always tell my husband that I wish I can fast-forward our lives ten years and find all my kids grown up, somewhat independent and not so clingy :)

I guess everything is just a matter of time!