Monday, January 30, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

How Becoming a Mama Changed Me

The other day, my husband was telling me that I have become a lot more tolerant since I had Yousef. That got me thinking of all the things I too have noticed about myself.

- I have become a morning person. I got so used to waking up early that I became a lot more productive.

- I scare a lot easier now. I feel I was braver when it was just me. However, now that I have Yousef, I am more cautious and more alert about what is dangerous.

- I turned into a neat freak! Everything has to be in its exact place looking just perfect.

- I love to, no, I need to plan everything. Plan my days, weekends, appointments, even the days I cook and do the laundry are carefully chosen.

- I have become more determined to continue my professional career. I guess I saw the other side of not working, and to me, it feels like a waste.

- What I like to do with my free time is so different now. While I always loved to go to busy places, go to the movies, or do something outside the house, now, I love to stay in, watch TV or just read a book in a quiet atmosphere.

All this and Yousef is still 1 year-old. Now, I can totally understand what my mom means when she says she was exactly like me when she was younger but changed after having 6 kids.

I always tell her that she is crazy for having so many in the first place :)

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