Monday, January 23, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Irrational Fears

When parents tell their children not to watch scary movies, they know what they are talking about.

As an adult, I still get spooked from the thought of one single clip I watched when I was 9 years old. In it, there was a blonde woman in a white dress who would run on the beach in the middle of the night in search of her dead husband's ghost. Even writing about it is spooking me out!

I am mentioning this now because this image is always triggered when I am sleeping at my father's house in Saudi Arabia (where I initially watched the show). And since I have been visiting him for about two weeks now, I have thought of it more than 5 times.

It is totally ridiculous for a 27 year old mama to be thinking this way yet, I cannot help it!

I also know people who are scared of a lot more stranger things :)

Care to share some of your irrational fears?


Anonymous said...

As kids they always used to say "bloody mary" in the girls bathroom and she'd "appear". nd all the scary movies have to do with something happening while the girl is in the i can't get over that. i don't take a shower unless someone's in the house. That's pretty irrational!

Noora said...

:) LOL.

My step daughter (7 years old) talks about her all the time!

Samah said...

Ants! I watched a movie when I was really young about killer ants that swamp a village, they were everywhere even coming out of the shower! I can almost say I concurred my fear when I got married , had a house of my own and had to face ants and kill them, but I still worry when I see them in groups near their home or on on food crumbs!

Noora said...

I have to admit that the sight of a bunch of them makes me feel uncomfortable too!