Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Yousef Loves Mama

One of my favourite perks of motherhood is the unconditional love I get from Yousef. Even when I am in no mood to play or just too busy to give him attention, he is always around me, waiting for his share of mama, no matter how small. He believes anything I say and gives me a look of admiration whenever I show him something new.

When you think of it, no other person (big or small) loves you that unconditionally. My younger brother, who is about 8-years-old, always says: "your touch is like magic in Yousef's eyes", referring to how fast I can make him calm down after a fall.

I wonder how long that will last! A therapist once told me that parents have influence over their child up to the age of 6, after that so many external factors play their role and the child starts to become independent and in many cases, strives to be different from his parents.

This may sound evil but from now until the year 2016 (when Yousef turns 6) I am going to milk his love to mold him into the best kid he can be; before he starts milking my love that is :)

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